Thank you for the tremendous support!

After having launched this site in January of 2011 we have gained a tremendous amount of traction and support from the YouTube community. We just want to extend our deepest gratitude and thanks to you all! We have been keeping our eye on the YouTube scene and have been noticing a few changes here and there in the site and it’s rules. We are determined to continue serving the needs of the YouTube community who demand more CONTROL over their web experience. We understand the needs of both YouTube and its publishers which is why we implement in our software the option to chose to skip ads. This will allow users to see an ad, then decide for themselves if they want to see the rest or not. That seems pretty fair to us.

We will likely be exploring other needs of the YouTube community in future weeks/months. We all use YouTube and we all love YouTube but there are still some things about the site which are not perfect, and we here at intend to help to relieve of some of those issues. Stay tuned for more updates and for more new on other services we may be providing in the future!

Once again, thank you all; and be sure to download the latest version of YouTube Ad Blocker here. Thank you!!

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