YouTube Ads Block for a better experience

Are you being disturbed by the many videos that are popping up whenever you are surfing on the internet? This is an event that happens often especially to those who are viewing videos on YouTube. In real sense, this kind of event takes up a lot of your bandwidth as you load the page as well as the time when the video is establishing itself. For you to be successful in the YouTube Ads block, you will have to set into place some of the strategies that will bring all this to an end.

To block all the adverts that pop up when you are viewing the videos that you love on YouTube, you may opt to install the YouTube Ad Blocker. This is an application that was developed in order to make it possible for one to have all the video advertisements that might be linked to YouTube not to be showed when you are using your internet browser. This is just one of the software that will make YouTube ads block. Other applications might include AdBlock extension, gresemonkey script and IE7 in a myriad of many more which will work effectively in your browser.

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YouTube Add Blocker to lock the annoying Video Ads

If your surfing experience is being interrupted by the many videos that are popping up as you surf the net, then here is a solution to curb all this. There s this software that will bring an end to all this and make your surfing endeavor easy and you will as well us little bandwidth while loading your pages on the internet. This software is the YouTube Add Blocker. When you have installed this program on your computer, you will have no adverts showing on your pages as you surf on the internet.

When this application was being launched, the aim for the developer was to have all the annoying advertisements that disrupt your experience while having a good time on YouTube would be curbed. The YouTube Add Blocker is a great piece to have if you are experiencing these advertisements that might be making you have headaches when on YouTube.

The developer is working on the YouTube Add Blocker to make it compatible with all the browsers so that it becomes a universal application where everyone can use it and reap the benefits that come with the application that blocks the YouTube video adverts.


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Best ways on how to Block YouTube Ads

With Google chrome, some of the advertisements are displayed at the bottom of the window. In some instances, these adverts may be of benefit to you but in other cases they might annoy you. These advertisements in some cases also tend to take up a lot of the downloading bundles on your internet. In this case, it is good to block these YouTube videos from displaying while you are online with your Google Chrome browser. For users of the browsers Google Chrome and Firefox, it is possible for them to block YouTube Adverts for a clean and clear viewing of your videos online.

If you do not want to see any ads that are from YouTube, you will have to install the AdBlock extension that will enable you to block YouTube Ads. All that is needed for you is to install the necessary extension in relation to the browser that you are running. When you get to install this application, you will not see any videos from YouTube at the top right corner of your of the YouTube page. In addition to that, you will as well have more bandwidth thus making your browsing endeavor fast since pages will load faster.


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How to Block Youtube

How to block YouTube

In your browsing as well as viewing of the YouTube videos, you might have found out that there are videos that tend to pop up when you are watching your videos. To avoid this, the best thing to do is to know how to block YouTube Videos.

In the internet, you might have seen a lot of applications that are meant for the Firefox applications. This does not mean that there are no solutions for you. You might be a user of the Google Chrome browser and you might be in need of knowing how to block YouTube Videos, this is possible for you. All that is needed of you is to install the gresemonkey script into your Google Chrome browser. With this script, it will be possible for you to curb the same problem even if you are using the Firefox browser.

On the internet, you will be in a position to configure your browser so that you will be in a position to install the script. This procedure is short, easy and reliable for you to use. You do not have to download a long tutorial to make it possible for you to do this. That’s all and you will be good to go.

How to block YouTube Videos

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YouTube Adblocker – Stop those annoying advertisements!

Like you I have been sick and tired of those ANNOYING VIDEO ADS! Well, I have decided to put a stop to it, so I decided to share a program that I use to eliminates all the video ads forever! Download and install YouTube AdBlocker and take back control of YouTube. This ad-blocker will only eliminate annoying YouTube video ads, but you can set it to eliminate banners, pop-ups, or other annoying ads that degrade your web surfing experience.

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Commotion over YouTube users making money off others’ misfortunes.

Recently there has been a video that went viral on YouTube which has been dubbed “Fountain Lady”. It features a girl who is completely immersed in her cell phone texting that she isn’t watching where she is going. She ends up walking up to, then falling into a mall fountain. The video has received millions of hits, and millions of video ads have been shown to these viewers. This means that some channel owners are actually making some money off of this girls misfortune.

I’m not going to take any sides here, but we must still look at the legal ramifications of this. Can posting a video of someone who did not consent to it being posted, be illegal? This is something we need to start figuring out. But with internet law lobbying being in the current state it is, with many legislators who have little internet savy, changing laws is sure to be slow. In my humble opinion, I think this is a good thing, however. I’m not up for the internet suddenly becoming full of laws and rules. The spontaneity of the internet is what draws so many users to YouTube, and all their other favorite websites.

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Announcing YouTube Adblocker!

We are announcing the creating of a cool new thing. YouTube AdBlocker. We are beginning development on this new tool which will prevent those stupid, and annoying video advertisements from ruining your YouTube experience. Expect to see release of our new product soon. Be sure to bookmark this site as a lot of change will be happening over the next months!

Currently the dream is to have a YouTube Adblocker that works on all browser, but we will likely be starting with one browser then working on another later. Be sure to check back for more announcements.

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