How to block Youtube video Ads on Internet explorer

How to block Youtube video ads on Internet Explorer (IE)

If you are using internet explorer, it is possible for you to block the flash video ads that might be nagging you or taking a lot of your bandwidth space. When you are running the Internet Explorer 8, it is possible for you to control these flash Ads and make your endeavor bearable without them disturbing your internet surfing. When you block video ads, this will be a plus for you if you are using the low power computers such as the Netbooks. With the internet Explorer 8version, there is the ActiveX control manager which will make this possible for you.

To do this, what is required of you is for you to open the add-on manager which is in the tools menu and make a selection of all add-ons.

The next step that you will be required to make is to select the toolbar and extensions option from the left pane. After that, double click on the shockwave flash object.

As it is from the more information dialog, click on remove all sites button so that the access of the flash player adverts may be restricted. When you complete this exercise by doing that, you will block video ads brought by flash player.


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