YouTube Adblocker – Stop those annoying advertisements!

Like you I have been sick and tired of those ANNOYING VIDEO ADS! Well, I have decided to put a stop to it, so I decided to share a program that I use to eliminates all the video ads forever! Download and install YouTube AdBlocker and take back control of YouTube. This ad-blocker will only eliminate annoying YouTube video ads, but you can set it to eliminate banners, pop-ups, or other annoying ads that degrade your web surfing experience.

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New version of YouTube AdBlocker just released.

Hey all, we have just released a new version of YouTube AdBlocker. It’s so much more simple now. It’s almost too easy. You can get started blocking ads now with just ONE single click and you will be on your way to surfing the web the way you want to!

You can download the latest version here as well as upgrade your browsers (if you want to). You will find a download link at the top of the page and some options below it to download a new browser or upgrade your current browser.

Ok, now we have to get back to work!

Enjoy the internet, talk to you later.

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Check out the latest version of YouTube Ad Blocker!

Hey there YouTubers! We have just released the latest version of YouTube Ad Blocker. Please be sure to download it now or update your version now. We have made several improvements to the user interface as well as some back end improvements which should improve things all around. We have been busy for the past couple of months coding this latest iteration of YouTube Ad Blocker to coincide with some of the changes that have been occurring with the layout of YouTube itself.

The software won’t patch itself so you must download the latest version now to re-install. We want to send a message of thanks to all who use our software, and give a big shout out to Dixon over at YouTube for answering some of our questions. Thanks a lot buddy!


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Happy Holidays!! 2012

Happy Holiday’s! 2012 has been great – 2013 here we come!

Hey guys, we just wanted to wish you all a happy holiday season! The eggnog has been poured, the lights are a twinklin’, and Santa Claus is getting ready. 2012 has been an amazing year, we have learned so much and have over come a lot of hurdles. But our eyes are still looking toward the horizon. We have much plans for the future and want to take this time to celebrate the year, and the hard work we have done.

We hope that you guy’s have had a great year, and we believe that no matter what – you can always learn. Even if you think this year wasn’t great, I bet you learned a lot and have grown a bunch too. We have not met ALL our goals for the year, but some we have, and some we didn’t expect too. For the goals we haven’t met this year, we sure did learn a lot to bring us closer. We will be having updates coming up next year because YouTube has been making upgrades as well. YouTube AdBlocker will be addressing a few small issues related to the layout changes and we might be even releasing another YouTube related site and software, but for now it remains in secret development mode. Only jolly old St. Nick knows what it is, but you will too in 2013. So Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year; we’ll see you in 2013 for another great year.

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Strange Happenings On YouTube – Black Screen, Black Box on YouTube Video

Did anyone notice last night that the YouTube video ads seemed to be bugged? When I try to watch a YouTube video, its shows a blank black screen. It’s almost as if the ad is supposed to load but it never does.. Well I thought that I must have done something wrong with my browser or changed a setting I shouldn’t have, but it looks like it affected a large number of people.

Here’s a quick fix:

If you notice the black box on YouTube (black screen where video should start playing), you should right click on the video player and select “Pop Out”. That should act as a quick fix to let you watch the videos.

It appears as if that problem has ended, because YouTube is on top of their stuff. But just in case it happens to you, I hope this tip helps.

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Thank you for the tremendous support!

After having launched this site in January of 2011 we have gained a tremendous amount of traction and support from the YouTube community. We just want to extend our deepest gratitude and thanks to you all! We have been keeping our eye on the YouTube scene and have been noticing a few changes here and there in the site and it’s rules. We are determined to continue serving the needs of the YouTube community who demand more CONTROL over their web experience. We understand the needs of both YouTube and its publishers which is why we implement in our software the option to chose to skip ads. This will allow users to see an ad, then decide for themselves if they want to see the rest or not. That seems pretty fair to us.

We will likely be exploring other needs of the YouTube community in future weeks/months. We all use YouTube and we all love YouTube but there are still some things about the site which are not perfect, and we here at intend to help to relieve of some of those issues. Stay tuned for more updates and for more new on other services we may be providing in the future!

Once again, thank you all; and be sure to download the latest version of YouTube Ad Blocker here. Thank you!!

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New Version Update

Hello everyone, this is just a heads up to let you all know that we are working on an updated version. Version 1.9.14 should be coming out soon and will be a major update. We will be optimizing the code so that skipping or closing the video ads will be much more snappy and faster. Also we will be implementing a bit more options too. We have been getting a lot of requests for options and features, but to keep things simple we cannot implement all of them. Our new version will be almost unnoticeable other than the faster speed of everything.

More options coming!

So be sure to check back in a few weeks to see if you can download the latest version, 1.9.14. We plan on having more updates soon as well. So make sure to comment on YouTube so that we can let more users know about; the more users we get, the better the experience we can create for the YouTube community. We strive to give more options to users, instead of being forced to sit through and advertisement you will have the chance to close it out, (skip it) with no timer, and it works on all the video ads, not just some of them. We don’t completely remove the ads, as there are some ads you DO want to see, and some ad’s you don’t want to have to sit through. TV is already ruined with ads, why does YouTube have to be the same right?

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YouTube Ad Blocker to Lock The Annoying Video Ads

If your surfing experience is being interrupted by the many videos that are popping up as you surf the net, then here is a solution to curb all this. There s this software that will bring an end to all this and make your surfing endeavor easy and you will as well us little bandwidth while loading your pages on the internet. This software is the YouTube Add Blocker. When you have installed this program on your computer, you will have no adverts showing on your pages as you surf on the internet.

When this application was being launched, the aim for the developer was to have all the annoying advertisements that disrupt your experience while having a good time on YouTube would be curbed. The YouTube Add Blocker is a great piece to have if you are experiencing these advertisements that might be making you have headaches when on YouTube.

The developer is working on the YouTube Add Blocker to make it compatible with all the browsers so that it becomes a universal application where everyone can use it and reap the benefits that come with the application that blocks the YouTube video adverts.


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Tips For Google Ad Block

In recent times, it is evident that there are Google Ad Sense adverts being displayed in almost all web pages that one visits. These adverts are either on the side bar, the top or at the bottom of the pages.

On another aspect these advertisements are good since the web owner is entitled to earn from this advertisements. But in some instances, you will find that these adverts are being displayed right in the middle of the articles or other content that you might be reading. This might be a bother to you unlike in the case where they are at the bottom, top or side. When such an event occurs, it is time to consider using the Google Ad Block feature.

When you need to get rid of these nagging adverts, there are a number of ways to make this happen. For those people who might be using the Firefox browser, it is possible for them to block these adverts using the AdBlock or CustomizeGoogle extensions applications to do away with the advertisements. For those that are using internet explorer as their browser, this is made possible by using AddSubtract, WEbWasher or IE7Pro.

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Tips To Block YouTube Videos Ads

As you go through the videos that are available on the broadcasting platform-YouTube, you will be in a position to experience the adverts that are posted on your browser as you view the videos. These video adverts are annoying at times since they might cut you short as you view your video. This might be what you are going through and all you want now is to block YouTube Videos. In this article you will get the best way to get rid of this in various web browsers.

If you are using the Google Chrome browser, you will be in a position to get rid of all these videos which tend to take up all your bandwidth as the pages load as well as distract your video view. All that is required of you is to install the AdBlock extension application or the gresemonkey script.

When it comes to the users of Firefox browser, you might as well install the AdBlock extension application, gresemonkey script or the CustomizeBlocker extension. By doing this you will block YouTube videos which cause nuisance to you and are not of any use to you. Do this to avoid these kinds of occurrences.


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Learning The Best Way of Blocking YouTube Ads

You are fed up with all the ads that keep on showing as you view videos on YouTube. This is one thing that gets people mad. If you are using the Firefox or the Google Chrome browser, then your problem is no more. There is much software out there that is meant to sort out this problem. The best that will work on these browsers would be the gresemonkey script. All that you have to do in order for it to be effective in blocking YouTube ads would be to install it in your browsers.

All you have to do in order to install it on Google Chrome would be to configure it for the installation. At, you will in a position to remove the popup YouTube ads. The final set will be to authorize for the installation. When the installation is over, you will be done with blocking YouTube ads.

When it comes to the Firefox browser, all that will be required would be to install the gresemonkey Firefox add-on, then restart the browser, get to to remove the videos that are from YouTube and then install the application.


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